Okay guys. So thanks to Trish who has given me this great idea, I’ll be ‘hosting’ an OOR project for the upcoming (hopeful) Meet & Greet I’ll (hopefully) be having on 16 Dec 2014 in London. (I say hopeful because I have exams that week and I am trying my best to shift it earlier so I don’t…


“That guy who does ONE OK ROCK covers on Youtube” was found dead!

Brett Robertshaw, 21, from Blackpool, Lancashire, UK detailed his battle with depression online in a post timed to appear after he took his own live.

Brett Robertshaw:






R.I.P. mate!

Rest In Peace.
Has anyone seen ONE OK ROCK live before? Tonight Alive is opening and I might want to go, but don't know if ONE OK ROCK is good... opinions?
ONE OK ROCk is one of the best bands playing live right now. Trust me, watch and enjoy, you'll not regret, better yet... you'll most likely become a fan too !!! ^^
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This really sounds like an OOR song. Looking forward to both the movie and the song ^^ 

Tu mora no Brasil? e vai ao show do ONE OK ROCK? e.e q

Moro em Portugal. Vocês têm muita sorte por eles irem aí ao Brasil! Aproveitem! Eu terei de viajar para os ver. :p


Regardless how I feel about the song, it’s a beautiful video.

That would be exactly my comment… ^^


You come back to Europe and South America ヽ(*^v^)人(^v^*)ノ


You come back to Europe and South America ヽ(*^v^)人(^v^*)ノ

Alternative Press Japan: June/July 2014 coldrain Interview


Signing a contract with Britain’s prestigious music management company Raw Power Management, their first European tour with Bullet For My Valentine, their one-man tour in the UK, signing a contract with American rock music label Hopeless Records, performing at Download Festival 2014…… Building up their promising career with great vigor, coldrain, a band already at the center of attention in world standards, has recently completed their mini-album “Until The End,” making a total of 6 albums. AP Japan was able to interview these guys, who are quickly building up a huge fan base around the world with their unequaled charisma and overwhelming ability. They talked at length about the process of producing this new album as well as their thoughts on advancing overseas.

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A really cool interview by Coldrain. And, as always, excellent translation by Ryeon! ^^

OOR in Poland


Today is the last day to vote for OOR… so pretty please do it if you can! ♥
~ click the link
~ rewrite the numbers
~ click “GŁOSUJ ZA”
*you can do it 5 times per day*

I’d like to ask you for something else… 1D and Marzia Gaggioli have a lot of votes too… so if you can try to steal them some votes? (>///<)
~ click the link here and here
~ rewrite the numbers
*you can do it 5 times per day*

It’s the last day! Be sure to vote for ONE OK ROCK and to vote down to the others…
Even if you, like myself, are not Polish, it costs nothing to help the fans from there! You help them today, they’ll help you tomorrow!

(And, if the go to Poland, is likely they book other shows on Europe… To make the trip more worthy… It’s common sense! :P )


Please OORers, it’s voting in polish press. We can vote pros and cons, and please: vote cons One Direction and Marzia.
If you want to vote:
0. you must accept cookies
1. scroll down and click “GŁOSUJ” (it means voting in polish)
2. then click 3rd option “GŁOSOWANIE TRADYCYJNE”
3. rewrite code from picture and click thumb up.
Cons 1D&Marzia:
*this same, but in 3.step click thumb down :>

We can vote till 31. July. We have 5 votes for each candidate. Please spread it. please vote. 
And sorry for my bad english. 
Thanks :3